Sep. 2nd, 2013

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We've discussed having a party hosted here at [ profile] hd_level_two for the premiere of our first episode. We'll be re-watching The Half-Blood Prince, so everyone should search their video cabinets for their dvd copies. There will be a squee post just before we start watching the movie.

As community members come from all over the world, we would like to know what the best time for everyone is for this virtual meet-up.

Please fill out this short poll. Thank you! ♥

[Poll #1931998]

So that you wouldn't have to look up your time zones I tried to put as many up here as possible, which makes this hard to read. It is formatted like [start time for California - New York] to [end time for California - New York], [start time for UK] to [end time for UK], [start time for Perth - Sydney] to [end time for Perth - Sydney]

Since the US has four time zone and AUS has three times zones, I was showing the time difference for them all. I hope this makes it easier to read.

If all of that is still confusing grab the UK time and here's this map. If you live somewhere that does not have daylight savings time, these were written as though we were all on the same time schedule so you'd need to subtract an hour.

To make them easier to read the GMT times:
1. 10PM
2. 12AM
3. 2PM
4. 4PM

The movie is two and half hours long.

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