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Level Two is the platform for a new fest inspired by the video above. The concept is pretty simple, but the execution is little more complicated. Intrigued? Read on!



POSITIONS & APPLICATION )If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re nice people and we don’t bite. :)
- Chloe ([livejournal.com profile] mrs_jack_turner), Karen ([livejournal.com profile] nerak_rose) and Vlo ([livejournal.com profile] vlorahp).

ETA to clear up some confusion:
1) The lingo we're going with is very TV for the sake of the theme of the fest. When we say "episode" we mean chapter. When we say "air time" we mean posting time. etc. :)
2) We are not asking for anything in script form. If you want to write an episode (chapter) in script form, that's up to you and the other participants (community consensus), but it's not a requirement.
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We officially open our doors on the 1st of April (make sure to note it down :D). So until then, if you want to keep an eye on what’s going on, please friend the community. When we open there will be a post detailing how to obtain membership to the community as this project is different to most fests out there and there is a reason for moderated (currently closed) membership.

Community Rules

♥ Be polite and respectful to the other members of the community. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion so please extend them the same courtesy you would expect.

♥ Should you become a member of this community, the content in locked posts is not to be shared anywhere outside the community until the project goes live.

♥ Please only sign-up for the fest if you know you have the time to devote to the project. If you are excited about it, but do not have the time to participate, don’t worry. The content produced will be available to everyone once it is completed.

♥ If you find you need to stop participating for any reason, let the mods know when you can (leveltwomods [at] gmail [dot] com) so that we can arrange for more people if needed.

♥ If you have any questions or comments for us etc etc please make sure to contact the mods through the following email address only: leveltwomods [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you want to pimp the community please use one of the following: )

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