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Hello everyone!

We have imported [community profile] hd_level_two  to dreamwidth for back up purposes and safekeeping. We have also moved the art hosting from livejournal and to imgur. We have gone through all the episode entries and replaced both the art links and the internal links, so that the entirety of series one can be read directly here on dreamwidth with no hiccups. We have also replaced the art links in the Art Gallery. The updated masterlist can be found here.

We have not replaced the art links in the imported promo posts or on ao3. If you wish to replace the art links on ao3, feel free.

NB: the import is still in progress and dreamwidth is busy - the comments will be along asap.

ETA: only participants of the fest will be granted membership of the community! If you are a member of [livejournal.com profile] hd_level_two and were a fest participant, message us here on dw with your lj and dw usernames and we'll grant you access.

Anyone else: feel free to subscribe to the community if you'd like (there will be no new posts, so there's no point in subscribing), but membership is closed.
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